House with heated pool in Gorski Kotar – Croatia

Iskusi moć kvalitetnog i aktivnog odmora

Kuća Zora

Iskusi moć kvalitetnog odmora

Beautiful nature, green forests, blue clear rivers, enchanting lakes, all this is Gorski kotar. And when we add swimming, splashing, diving to this experience in the HEATED POOL at 30 degrees, then it is a real vacation! Is it?

Heated pool – water at 30 degrees

Villa Zora House, the only one in Gorski Kotar, has an outdoor heated pool at 30 degrees, which you will indescribably enjoy.

Pool closed with a dome

But that is not the only advantage. The pool is covered with a dome, so you can swim in the rain and when it is cold outside. The perfect combination, it’s raining outside, and swimming in the warm pool inside while you can hear the sound of rain roaring ..

But that’s not all … Night, beautiful lighting, vivid colors, swimming in a warm pool, true romance ..

It’s all our Villa Zora House! Come and see for yourself. And of course, swim in the only pool in Gorski Kotar heated to 30 degrees.